Benefits Of Lint-free Wipes in Various Industries

If you work in highly sensitive environments such as clean manufacturing, food processing or aerospace, it’s important to use a high-quality cleaning agent for optimal product performance.

A nonwoven,Benefits Of Lint-free Wipes in Various Industries Articles lint-free wipe remains one of the most popular cleaning agents in various high-end industries. This wipe can eliminate dirt from tools, machinery and products. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using lint-free (sometimes referred to as low lint or virtually lint-free) wipes for industrial cleaning.

What Are Lint-free Wipes?

Lint-free wipes are typically made out of nonwoven materials with low linting properties. Manufacturers all over the world make a vast array of nonwovens using different combinations of raw materials such as polyester, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene, latex, wood pulp and viscose. The finished nonwovens are then converted into useable wipes of various sizes and packaged for industrial use.

What is the Purpose of Low Lint or Lint-free Wipes?

When used to wipe a surface, low lint or lint-free wipes leave behind negligible amounts of particulate. This property allows you to easily clean sensitive materials without leaving fiber deposits or cloth residue that could otherwise cause contamination. This low lint wipe traps small particles like grit, dirt, and dust for a seamless cleaning experience, and the soft finish of nonwoven wipes won’t scratch surfaces.

Benefits Of Lint-free Wipes in Various Industries

Lint-free wipes are engineered with a variety of specific performance features such as extra durability and absorption. They are an ideal, consistently clean agent for applying solvents, distributing liquid onto surfaces, or wiping away grease from tools and machines for a perfect finish. Regardless of your industry, this type of wipe is designed to suit multiple purposes, increasing your chances of completing a cleaning task more efficiently. You can be confident in an impressive result when you use them for a wide variety of applications.

Due to their cloth-like strength, some types of lint-free wipes can be reused and even laundered, while on the other hand some applications call for a lint-free wipe that is disposed of after a single use when optimum cleanliness is paramount. Lint-free wipes can be designed for extra durability and absorption to pick up several times their weight in liquid. When you’re performing any form of critical cleaning, you should use a low lint wipe. They can help speed up the cleaning process and boost productivity.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry

In automotive aftermarket, fine particles and grease left on a surface during body repair can affect a paint job which requires surface prep with the soft cleaning ability and solvent resistant features offered by some lint-free wipes. You also can rely on reusable lint-free wipes to clean car interior surfaces, tools, and spray gun equipment to prevent disruption in operation.

Food Processing Industry

Low lint wipes are used for wiping down drums, work surfaces and utensils to clean off residues during food processing. Not only do these wipes clear off unwanted spillage or debris, but they also deliver much needed hygiene that reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the presence of unwanted allergens.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has minimum specifications for the qualities of a low lint wipe especially for cleaning equipment and machinery during manufacture, and for wiping the interior and exterior of a finished airplane. For example, lint-free wipes can be used in areas with a static charge sensitivity. They’re the go-to for areas that require extra attention for critical cleaning – keeping workers and passengers safe.


When looking for a reliably and consistently clean wipe solution, you have many high-quality options with nonwoven, lint-free wipes engineered with the specific performance features required for the task at hand. After reading about just these few industries, we hope you’ve been able to learn a few key benefits of using lint-free wipes. Whether you want to meet a technical wiping specification or just want an ideal cleaning agent, there are plenty of nonwoven lint-free wiper options to help achieve your desired result.

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